PD3-Compliant Mobile Chargers for OEMs Launched

GIPT announces the design and production of PD3.0-compliant fast mobile chargers for consumer and industrial applications. Samples of the new PD3.0 charger are available now and will be on display during APEC in Brightworks’ booth 108.

Designed for long life and high reliability, the new pocket-sized chargers are available in 20W, 30W, 65W and 100W versions and are compatible with Apple®, Samsung®, Google®, LG®, and other brands. They are ideal for charging mobile phones, notebooks, tablets, portable devices, test instruments, and audio/video gear. The four compact chargers with the 65W and 100W models featuring exchangeable AC plugs, are available with a USB-A and USB-C ports in configurations from one to four ports.
Whether a small phone or a large laptop, the USB-C PD3.0 charger detects the connected device to deliver the right amount of power to charge that device quickly. This ability ensures fast charging without delivering too much power, which could damage battery circuitry. Through the use of an intelligent communication protocol, the chargers automatically select the appropriate DC output voltage required for the user device to be charged (standard outputs are 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V and 20V).

With excellent full load efficiency, the PD3.0 chargers (30 watts and above) utilize Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductors making the chargers faster, smaller, cooler and more power-efficient than many other commodity chargers on the market.



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