With GIPT global well-trained engineers, we provide Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) to customers around the world. From concept to end product, we customize our services to achieve unique needs of every customer.


automatic pet food dispenser. smart cat feeder
Pet Products
Automatic feeders and food dispensers are designed to provide a convenient solution for feeding pets while their owners are away or busy. Also ensure pets are fed on time and in the right amount of food.
Beagle dog against overcast autumn nature background
Pet GPS Trackers
Ensure pet's safety and security with our advanced GPS pet tracker and RFID pet door. Our GPS tracker provides real-time location tracking, while our pet door utilizes RFID technology to restrict access to customer's home.
Connecting a phone and smart speaker
Audio Equipment
Our audio comes in various sizes and designs to suit different needs and preferences. To bring the best music experience to end customer, we provides professional audio system with high battery capacity. Ensure customer may enjoy music anytime.
Photocameras are mounted on a tree in the forest
Trail Cameras
Our trail camera solution designed for end customer to capture valuable moment of wildlife with high quality photo and video. Trail camera are commonly used by wildlife enthusiasts, and researchers to monitor animal behavior and movements.
Internal resistance of a  heat gun.
Industrial Heat Gun
We manufacture handheld electric industrial heat guns for North America's #1 best-selling brand. It is a versatile tool that uses heat to strip paint, thaw pipes, and shrink wrap. It has multiple temperature settings and comes with various attachments for different applications.
usb cable car double charge cigarette lighter socket
Car Accessories
GIPT offers car charging solutions tailored to customers, allowing users to charge all their devices during their journey. Upgrade your car experience with modern charger designs.
Smart phone and wristwatch charging on wireless phone charger
Wireless Chargers
We provide wireless charger solutions with single or multiple charging coils for a variety of devices, including smartphones, smartwatches, and earbuds, allowing users to charge multiple devices at once with high efficiency.
Digital Locks
Our digital lock solution is a keyless entry system that provides security and convenience, provide a higher level of security than traditional locks and eliminate the need for physical keys.


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