E-bike Has Become the Mainstream Commuting Vehicle in Germany

Did you know that in the last 3 years approx. 2 million e-bikes per year have been sold in Germany? Each of these bikes needs a charger.

With the small power packs that we have newly developed together with an international customer, we solve the challenge of size, weight and charging management.
E-bike chargers without a fan in a small housing and with a design LED display.

Our new standard charger series is a convenient choice for e-bike owners. The small chargers offer a space-saving option for recharging the battery, have an efficient charging speed and ensure that the battery is ready for use in no time. The devices are ideal for commuters or travellers who want to charge their e-bike on the go, because the small powerhouses take up hardly any space – and when travelling, every ounce of luggage counts!

With our compact e-bike charger, nothing stands in the way of a carefree trip.

Technical data:
Input: 198 – 264 V
Output: 20 – 41.7 DC with CAN
Housing: 145 x 62 x 33 mm
Communication: CAN bus or single line communication at 2 A – 3 A power

We, GIPT, develop solutions for chargers and power supplies in close cooperation with our customers. The right solution for every application. You have the product and we take care of the suitable power supply. Our team is looking forward to receiving your enquiries.



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